Thunders of Wrath on the CW's Band In Seattle Television Show


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Thunders would like to thank Conrad Denke and his entire Victory Studios team for an amazing experience filming for the Band in Seattle television show last night.

Thunders of Wrath says also support their sponsors! With money!

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse quenches all thirsts no matter how mighty. Drop in the Greenwood Ave location to sample the Don's crafty barrel aged brews... and no matter where you are, check that tap. It's always a good time to get Naked.

Did you just break a string or full-on Townshend that stack? Either way, tune up your game at American Music in Fremont. These cats have been bringing the good stuff in-store for you to get your filthy hands on since before Stairway to Heaven was even a thing. So go on in today and play some sweet, sweet Stairway as a tribute to this legendary Seattle store. Trust us, they love that. See More

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