Season One

Updated September 22, 2017:

If you’re here, that means you’re holding something that very few people have. You have a pre-release copy of the debut album before it’s available in stores. You are one of the FIRST FIVE HUNDRED. You… mean everything to us.

24-bit 96kHz Audiophile and 320KBS MP3s are available now!

iPhone users, remember to download on your computer first and then sync with iTunes!

Everyone else, download away! Other VIP Season One content will unlock when the album is made available to the general public and in stores. Soon!!!

If anyone needs help, send a photo of your picture ID and your VIP card to

In the meantime, spin that vinyl with your friends, hang on to you VIP card ( You’re IN! ) and sign up below to send us messages or to stay informed when the rest of your content unlocks.

Thank you for coming out to the shows. Thank you for taking our album home with you. We can’t wait to share with you everything we have made for you.


Thunders of Wrath

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