The first hundred pressings of our debut album are reserved for sponsors and patrons of exceptional means. With the rock and roll industry in shambles, we soldier on to bring authentic rock experiences to the people of our lands but without NOBLES willing to stake the cause we fear it may be for naught.

These special pressings, #001 thru #099 are sold at SPONSOR PRICING. Beyond the exclusivity of owning one of the first hundred pressings, it's the same package that regular folks get for $25. The only difference is you. You are the difference.

you can afford more and you know without HONORABLE people like you, bands like ours will die. 

Your treasures shall never be better spent than in helping us be a force for good in the world of music. Please purchase a sponsor's edition today and be welcomed into the HALL OF THE MAJESTICS, an eternal order of the highest honor. 

Prices begin at $100 and go as high as $25,000.

Membership in the HALL OF THE MAJESTICS is a permanent anointment. Anyone joining our Hall will have familial rights to pass this honor and title to their offspring and kin. You may only be removed from the Hall by a Tribunal of the Thunders.



The ULTIMATE sponsorship... record pressing #001 of the Debut Album. Your name will be shouted from every mountain top as the Thunders travel the lands spreading the joys of freedom and adventurous rock and roll. Your place is forever reserved at our table for all official functions. You will receive ultimate editions of all Thunders of Wrath Seasons for life. 


#002 - HER LADY OF THE ROCK $15,000 - SOLD OUT

A FRIEND IN NEED... record pressing #002 of the Debut Album. The Hall of the Majestics requires generous souls to fill it's chambers and yours is one of the most. Your participation will never be forgotten and your name shall be forever celebrated. - SOLD OUT


#003 - CHAMPION OF THE REALM - $10,000

A CHAMPION COMES FORWARD to receive record pressing #003 of the Debut Album. Heroic in stature they walk with head held high knowing their contributions are the great logs upon which the fires of rocking revolution do burn. To hold this position is to know our hearts forever thank you.